Cynis Morgrim

An Exalted lazy drunkard.


Cynis Morgrim is Dragon-Blooded. He knows at least one martial arts style – probably the Five-Dragon Style – which he has taught to his favourite courtesan, Yin Li. He possesses a green jade daiklave and a green jade breastplate, and lives in a manse called the Manse of the Hunt.


Sometime in the past, Morgrim must have been more heroic than he is today to receive the spark of Exaltation. Since he came to Tirang, however, he has done little but drink, eat, and harass the local women. The locals are chafing under his rule, and since he contributes very little to his family – only what taxes he cares extort from the locals – he would probably not be missed much by his family.

Cynis Morgrim

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