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Tengese Culture

An-Teng is a matriarchal society in which only married women may own property. Men and unmarried women may own easily portable goods (clothes, tools, books and so on) but may never own land or estate. Family is extremely important to the Tengese, and they worship their ancestors fervently. The most deadly insult possible is an insult to ones’ family or ancestors, in particular to female ancestors such as ones’ grandmother.

The two most important gods in Tengese culture are the Golden Lord and the Pale Mistress – the former is the god of the day, of justice, and of protection. The latter is the goddess of night, of chaos, crime, and wickedness. People in An-Teng pray to the Golden Lord that he will guide and protect them, and to the Pale Mistress that she will spare them from her wrath.

An-Teng is a satrapy of the Realm, but it has three princes: The Shore Prince Laxhander, the Middle Prince Kiotaran, and the High Prince Josei. Their titles do not refer to rank but rather to which third of An-Teng they rule: The Shore Prince rules the coast, the Middle Prince the inland, and the High Prince rules the mountains and hills

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